World Plant Milk Day.

Free Coffee at the Centre Promenade.

Thursday August 22nd is World Plant Milk Day and ProVeg is hosting a tasting event for people in Bristol to try something new for their regular morning coffee. A non-dairy flat white – for free!

WHEN: Thursday August 22nd, anytime from 07:30 – 15:30.

WHERE: The Centre Promenade, Bristol City Centre (next to the Harbour Fountain).

ProVeg, a leading international food awareness organisation, is encouraging everyone to give a non-dairy flat white a taste. Bristolians can come by the Centre Promenade anytime between 7:30a and 3:30p and enjoy an oat milk flat white for free! We want people to experience the taste of a non-dairy coffee because we are confident they will enjoy it just as much as we do!

We’re not selling anything. Instead, we want people to understand how something like choosing non-dairy alternatives can help save the planet.

World Plant Milk Day is an opportunity to celebrate all the new non-dairy alternatives now widely available across the UK – and in doing so make a real impact on climate change.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report that came out last week is urgently calling for everyone to make changes to their habits. By switching to non-dairy alternatives for a whole week (something as easy as oat milk flat whites), you can save 3.5kg of CO2 and 3,353 litres of water. That’s more than enough to fill a red telephone box!

We’re asking everyone, knowing this is crucial in the fight against climate change, could you ditch dairy for the day? For the week?

World Plant Milk Day was founded by ProVeg UK and Plant Based News in 2017 to raise awareness of the issues relating to the dairy industry and to encourage people to make the switch.

Philip Mansbridge, Executive Director of ProVeg UK:

We made 22nd August World Plant Milk Day because it’s crucial for our world that consumers take notice of all their plant milk options. We have access to an unprecedented number of non-dairy options in our local supermarket – varieties of coconut, almond, oat, rice and soya milk all line our shelves. And with the global non-dairy milk market set to reach more than £31 billion in the next 5 years1 it’s easier than ever to incorporate them into our diet. An oat or soy milk latte is a pretty delicious way to make a difference.

And that’s really what World Plant Milk Day is all about – showing everyone that we can all make a difference without compromising any taste.

ProVeg has actively brought attention to the fact that animal agriculture is one of the leading drivers of climate change, producing more greenhouse gases than all of the world’s transportation combined. With this free tasting event, we want people to see that incorporating plant-based options into their diet doesn’t mean they have to compromise taste.

Joseph Stratton, a Bristol based campaigner for ProVeg says:

I’ll be out there serving free oat milk flat whites on World Plant Milk Day because I believe when people try them, they really will enjoy the taste! Never before have we seen people across the world transition so quickly from one foodstuff to its alternatives in this way. Climate change can feel like such a daunting issue – but we can each do something about it by making better day to day choices. So I’m confident after this we’ll have even more oat milk fans!

So we’re challenging Bristol to ditch dairy for the day and experience just how tasty it can be to make that switch!

What Does Ditching Dairy Actually Look Like?

  • It’s increasingly in our fridges. Plant milks are no longer a niche product; 43% of Europeans purchase both dairy and dairy alternatives in their regular grocery shops.2
  • It eases water consumption. The agricultural sector uses 70% of the freshwater available worldwide, while the production of animal products accounts for almost one-third of that water.3
  • It eases land usage. Cow’s milk has the biggest environmental impact in all areas and requires nine square metres of land and 628 litres of water for each litre produced.4
  • People who only consumed plant milk or who combined cow’s milk, as well as plant milk, stated that it is easier on the digestive tract, that they feel better physically, and that they have noticed increases in productivity.5

ProVeg launched World Plant Milk Day to show consumers how easy it is to make plant-based alternatives a part of their day to day. We have more recipes, research and challenges available – to find out more get in touch.

Could you ditch dairy for the day? What about for 7 days?