Our inspiring re-branding project with KeyRing is well under way now and it is a great organisation (www.keyring.org). Sean and Martha visited the KeyRing network in Westminster and were deeply moved by the people they met and the kind, loving atmosphere in which they found themselves. This wonderful organisation has profound lessons for all of us to learn from about true “caring”.

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Keyring, Westminster.









KeyRing Westminster Meeting –

Martha and I were given a very warm welcome by Yasmeen and were introduced to the KeyRing members Peter, Gail and Margaret. I was immediately struck by the friendly, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in the room. Over the past few months I have read a lot about KeyRing and my colleagues Patrick and Susan have spent a lot of time with KeyRing staff but this was my first opportunity to see it in action at first hand. I am deeply impressed.

In a rude world it seems like an oasis of peace and calm and caring. The KeyRing members were treated with kindness and dignity and I left with a genuine warm glow. If one of my children had learning difficulties or any other so called vulnerability I could go to my grave knowing that they would be well cared for and would be able to fulfil their maximum abilities if they lived in a KeyRing community.

Below is a brief account of what happened at the meeting.

Everyone introduced themselves and we asked if anyone minded if Martha took a few photos of the event. Everyone seemed very happy with that and the meeting proper started.

Yasmeen invited us to join the meeting at the table.

Keyring, Westminster

Keyring, Westminster

Peter told everyone about a new 24 hour telephone help service that is available to all KeyRing members which means that they can always reach someone on the phone if they need any assistance. Peter shared the number and mobile phone address books were updated.

Margaret had, just the day before, been awarded a certificate for the volunteer gardening work that she does in Kensington. She showed us all the framed certificate and we agreed to take a photo of her with it later. There was a big round of heartfelt applause.

Keyring, Westminster.

Keyring, Westminster.

Yasmeen shared a letter from the local police warning about a confidence trickster who had recently been released from prison and was known to be living just a few miles away. There was a general discussion about this man and what steps should be taken if anyone should see him. It turned out that Gail had been one of his victims in the past. I was very noticeable that Yasmeen delivered the news about this fellow in a very calm and measured way so as not to cause upset or worry but rather equip the members with a very clear set of instruction as to what to do if they saw him of if he tried to make contact with them. Peter very kindly volunteered to fix a chain lock on Gail’s door in case she was worried about opening the door to any strange callers.

Members were invited to discuss AOB and after a brief chat the meeting ended.

Martha and I were invited to join the group for a delicious lunch that Yasmeen had prepared. The food was lovely and we chatted freely with the group.

We took some group photos and left at about 15.45.

All in all a thoroughly pleasant experience.