Socially Conscious Shopping: Vivid Roots.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” It’s the statement you’re greeted with when you first enter the Vivid Roots website…and it’s enough to stop you, make you think, and AGREE. What’s wrong with giving? Nothing – only good can come from it!

So Vivid Roots has set out to change the world by encouraging everyone to “live vividly”…in turn making the world a better place. How? Every t-shirt purchase provides struggling people without the very basics of life (clean water) with just that – clean water FOR LIFE! In a world where about 1 billion people, or 1 in 6, are missing out on access to clean water, this is clearly an initiative worth getting behind.

The Vivid Roots crew sells t-shirts in a cotton blend or in an organic cotton option (sporting a pretty sweet water drop/tree roots logo I might add) for about 30 bucks. 20% of that $30 goes directly into clean water initiatives. They’ve started in Guatemala where around 30% (5 million) of people living there are without safe drinking water. Their process includes building/starting wells, water filtration and distribution systems for the communities in need. Then, they supply the correct education for each village receiving those systems so that they can maintain them, passing down the clean water initiative for life (hence their hashtag #waterforlife).

Vivid Roots doesn’t stop there. As you can imagine, these new water systems are giving local Guatemalans jobs! Local contractors and volunteers from the villages keep up the systems turning an average of $1 invested into $4-$12 for the local economy. One more thing, through Vivid Roots’ partnerships with ‘Water for the Americas’ and Rotary Clubs throughout the U.S. & Guatemala, are able to turn 100% of their joint donations into building those water filtration systems.

A little background; 4 best buds from Boise, Idaho are behind Vivid Roots, which they founded after a backpacking trip in summer 2013. Ready to feel a little bad about yourself? These guys are all 22. Yeah, they’ve started this amazing company with an even more remarkable mission from the bottom up (with a little help from friends, family and mentors admittedly) before they’re even a quarter of a century old. Cheers to you Dallas Crum, Dylan Carlson, Trever Bostrom & Connor Kingsbury – way to make the world a better place. Now, will you help them move their cause into more underprivileged countries?

Share your adventure, and #LiveVividly – “If we all do a little, we will change a lot.

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