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pr campaign

it’s just (life-saving) training


Sistah Space


September 2021


Valerie’s Law


PR campaign, Media relations, Influencer relations, short film


pr campaign

Challenge & Solution

After Valerie Forde and her 23-month-old baby were brutally murdered by Valerie’s abusive ex-partner, Sistah Space launched Valerie’s Law to ensure no more women would have to endure the same fate. Valerie’s Law calls for mandatory cultural competency training across police and government agencies to ensure black women are equally safeguarded to their white counterparts.  Sistah Space had been trying for years to get the Valerie’s Law petition off the ground and into the public’s awareness.

On 15 September 2021, we launched the “It’s Just (Life-Saving) Training” campaign for Sistah Space. Our goal was to get people talking about Valerie’s Law and help Sistah Space garner as many signatures as possible. 

Our cinematic video was voiced by musician FKA Twigs who supported the campaign launch on her social media channels. The campaign was publically support by celebrities like Michaela Coel, Lewis Hamilton and Jorja Smith as well as numerous social media influencers and MPs from all political parties. In just two days, the petition received over 10,000 signatures. In five days, the campaign reached over 14.7M people, generated over 2,000 conversations on Twitter and secured top tier media coverage on SkyNews, ITV News, The Guardian, iNews, Stylist, Take a Break Magazine and more.

The video featured actors Leah Harvey from Apple TV’s Foundation and Megan Cusack from Call the Midwife. 

results we’re proud of.

In four weeks…

With a shoestring budget to produce and execute the campaign:


organic video views

petition signatures