Underdog International builds a network of dog-carers to support the vulnerable.

A CHARITY has set up an initiative to help dog owners in need during the coronavirus crisis.

UK-registered charity Underdog International have set up an initiative which redeploys their volunteers and resources to support dog owners in need due to the impacts of the outbreak.

The initiative called ‘Underdog Unity’ facilitates a network of volunteers across the UK who can be matched with people who need help caring for their dog – whether that be walking their dog, shopping for food and supplies, taking dogs to the vets and even caring for the dogs for extended periods in their own homes.

Many of the volunteers already signed up are dog behaviourists or dog walkers by trade, and all others have experience with looking after their own dogs.

The charity is calling on additional volunteers from across the UK to help support dog owners in their local area who may not be able to leave their house due to their current circumstances.


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JUST SPREAD LOVE • Does the new coronavirus pose a danger to dogs and cats? The short answer to that is NO. • We loved this post from our friends @dogroseromania and @citydogs4streetdogs • It was recently published that a dog in Hong Kong, whose owner had been infected with COVID-19, was weakly tested for the virus in a swab of the mouth and nasal cavity. The dog showed no symptoms of disease. Since the test methods used are very sensitive and can also detect very small amounts of virus, the positive result could also result from contamination of the dog’s nose and mouth from the virus-containing environment. There is currently no evidence that pets play an essential role in the transmission of COVID-19. • Some viruses can be transmitted indirectly if the virus gets on objects. Coronaviruses can remain infectious there for a few days. This can happen when the virus droplets fall onto a pet or their collar, lead etc. • Therefore, it is important to strictly follow hygiene measures when contacting animals from households with sick people, and when handling pets, such as: 🧴Wash or disinfect hands thoroughly after contact with the animal. 😘 No mouth-to-mouth contact with the animal. 👅 Do not allow your pet to lick the face and hands. If this happens, wash the affected area thoroughly. 🛌 Keep pets beds clean. 🧼 Clean their bowls regularly, preferably in the dishwasher. 🧽 Clean toys, collars, leashes etc. regularly. Please keep to these rules! If we all stick together, then we can soon all go for walks with our families and fur noses in a relaxed and happy way across the meadows. Thank you very much and stay healthy 🧡🐾 #keephealthy #stayhome #bekind #staypositive #gratitude #dogs #love #care #happiness #donate #helpothers #makeadifference #dogrose #romania #citydogs4streetdogs

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Nadine Kayser, founder and CEO said: “With altruism at our core, we felt we should divert our resources and volunteers from our normal tasks, to the more immediate and essential support of our communities. So, we have paused our therapy dogs programmes and reduced our dog rescue and adoption projects.

I am delighted that we have all the processes and communication channels needed to run the Underdog Unity essential service for dog owners in need at this unprecedented time.

If you have experience with dogs, whether that be professionally or personally, and would like to volunteer, you can register online at www.theunderdog.org/become-a-unity-volunteer.

If you are in need of help with your dog, you can call 020 8050 4292, email hello@theunderdog.org or register at www.theunderdog.org/sign-up-for-help.

All Underdog Unity volunteers are vetted and have received guidance and training to ensure they understand the responsibility of their role in looking after someone else’s dog.

The above article by Aaliyah Rugg first published on leaderlive.co.uk in Mar, 2020.