Zero waste

Plastic-free shopping: some of the UK’s best zero waste stores.

Zero waste shopping isn’t just for bulk-buying, lentil loving hippies. Aside from the growing problem with single use plastic and packaging, did you know a fifth of your shopping bill goes on packaging?

The UK has an ever growing number of independent zero waste shops – is there one near you?

Zero waste shops have become a real force for showing how conscious consumerism can change the way we buy and eat our food.

As well as cutting down on pointless plastics and single use packaging, zero waste shopping can help combat food waste as you only buy what you need and help you eat healthier ingredients. We’re talking organic veggies, nut butter ground in store, Fairtrade tea and coffee and most of the below stores also sell plastic free cleaning products, homewares (hello bamboo toothbrushes and steel lunchboxes).

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