Tall Ships Youth Trust

Tall Ships Youth Trust giving young people life changing experiences at sea.

Seventeen year old Santo had an awful start in life and was taken into care at the age of 5. His prospects looked dismal, but then he took part in his first Tall Ships voyage, and things began to change.

The Tall Ships Youth Trust has changed Santo so much. Since his first voyage he has grown in maturity, confidence and self-esteem. He has learnt that although he is autistic, this won’t stop him achieving, he just has to work a little harder,” said his foster mother, Lin. “Now he lives and breathes for the next voyage and is eager to learn how to one day skipper his own boat!

His dream now is to sail around the world!

The Tall Ships Youth Trust is the UK’s oldest and largest sail training charity supporting more than 1,200 young people each year.

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