The Worldwide Tribe

Homemade Wi-Fi routers are giving refugee camps a lifeline.

Refugees can often find themselves disconnected from the online world, so a group of activists are hacking together Wi-Fi in camps across Europe and Africa.

In 2015, a 15-year-old Eritrean boy made his way to the UK clinging to the bottom of a Eurostar train. He was taken in by a family near Tunbridge Wells, and when his foster siblings, Nils and Jaz O’Hara, heard the story of his terrifying journey, they wanted to do something to help other refugees. The seed for Jāṅgala was planted

The pair visited the Calais Jungle, the French camp notorious for its squalid conditions, and Jaz posted a call for donations to help the people living there on Facebook. It went viral and, £250,000 and eight storage units full of supplies later, she and Nils, now 28 and 26, left their jobs to set up charitable organisation The Worldwide Tribe.

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