Goodwork Supports Tackle Prostate Cancer’s Cycle to the Moon Campaign


Goodwork is pleased to announce it is supporting Tackle Prostate Cancer in the launch of its new campaign, Cycle to the Moon – Save a Dad.

Cycle to the Moon will consist of a series of bike rides across the UK, aiming to raise £250,000 or one pound for every mile to the Moon, to help save a dad from prostate cancer.

If you’re a cycling enthusiast, just click here for more details about how to get involved. The campaign website has all the instructions and materials you will need to help get your local event on the road.

Prostate cancer has now become the UK’s third-deadliest cancer, overtaking breast cancer at the latest estimate. Experts believe that 1 in 8 men can expect to be diagnosed with the disease at some point in their lifetime.

As the UK population ages, the number of cases has increased; in 2015, 47k men were diagnosed with prostate cancer and sadly, 11k men lost their lives to it that same year.

Just last week, we published a post about prostate cancer, in the wake of Stephen Fry’s heartfelt admission of his diagnosis and treatment.