“Bike to the Moon” Campaign Invites Motorcyclists to Join in the Fight Against Prostate Cancer

UK charity, Tackle Prostate Cancer is asking the motorcycle community to help them raise £250,000 to fight the disease.

This year, Goodwork is proud to announce its work with Tackle Prostate Cancer and its Cycle & Bike to the Moon campaign for 2019.

Tackle Prostate Cancer, the voice of prostate cancer patients and their families in the UK, has launched their 2019 ‘Bike to the Moon’ campaign – a major fundraising initiative that encourages members of the motorcycle community to raise awareness and funds for the fight against prostate cancer.

The campaign, first launched in 2018, was originally called Cycle to the Moon and received an overwhelming response from the cycling community. This year, Tackle has expanded on Cycle to the Moon, welcoming the motorcycle community to join their mission to raise £1 for every mile it takes to get to the moon, £250,000 in total. In addition to raising funds the campaign also aims to encourage men at risk of prostate cancer to get tests and earlier diagnosis.

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