Papi’s Pickles

Papi’s Pickles: Cooking Up A New Life for Sri Lankan Women.

Have you heard of Sri Lanka? With its range of breathtaking landscapes and ancient Buddhist ruins, it’s unlikely anyone is totally unaware of this beautiful Asian island.

What perhaps we don’t all see is that this country has suffered long years of civil bloodshed and social unrest, especially due to ethnic tensions between its tribes, with estimated losses of 80,000-100,000 citizens.

But, thankfully all is not lost for the hundreds of thousands forced to relocate: thanks to an invisible (yet perceptible) thread of altruism, some of them have hope for a much better future.

And Abi Ramanan was, and still is, the spinner.

The spinner, Abi Ramanan, is an incredible lady: winner of the New Radicals, she is a young activist with a focus on food.

She is the founder of two food-family-run social enterprises in London. One of them is Papi’s Pickles, an excellent catering startup begun in 2014, which combines profit-making and solidarity towards the weak.

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