The Potato Project

Campaigners are battling to save potatoes from Covid-19 devastation.

Despite panic-buying threatening Britain’s supply chain, the impact on the hospitality sector has left potatoes potentially rotting in fields. That’s where the Potato Project chips in.

It may seem hard to believe just weeks after panic-buying left supermarket shelves empty – but some farmers are struggling to shift potatoes from fields to plates during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the farmers who rely on restaurants and fish and chip shops to make their money, the lockdown has been disastrous.

And it’s not just a short-term hit in the pockets either – if there is nowhere for the potatoes to go then they risk rotting in fields causing damage to the ground that could affect future harvests.

This was the prospect Midlands farmer Charlie was facing – with a haul of 10 tonnes stuck in the ground.

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