Union Street

The social enterprise uniting self-employed with social space in city centre.

Many of Sheffield’s self employed find themselves facing the pyjama issue at some point. “Where do you work if you’re self employed?” asked Matt Hill, coordinator of the Union Street co-working social enterprise. “From the library? From a cafe? From your bedroom? Or do you try and afford a corporate work space?”

Matt pointed out that most of the newly self employed say the thing they miss more than a regular salary is the chance to be around other people. “We want a space where people interact and build personal and professional relationships rather than being at home all week often working in your pyjamas.”

Recent government surveys show that over 100,000 adults in the Sheffield city region class themselves as self employed, a growing figure, albeit one that also includes non-pyjama wearing taxi drivers and bike couriers from the ‘gig’ economy.

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