The Women’s Bakery

The Women’s Bakery creates change in East Africa.

In Rwanda, one of Africa’s smallest and most densely populated countries, many women are undereducated and have limited resources for employment as they care for their homes and feed their families, on average, one meal per day.

St. Louis native Markey Culver learned this as an American Peace Corps volunteer working in Rwanda in 2010 before she founded The Women’s Bakery, a social enterprise that trains East African women to launch and profitably manage nutrition centric bakeries in their communities. She began by simply teaching women how to cook in hopes they could feed their families a little something extra.

This was the story she shared with attendees of the Society of Bakery Women’s annual brunch meeting at BakingTech, the conference for the American Society of Baking, held Feb. 24-26 in Chicago.

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