Oxford University Innovation

Oxford University to support social enterprise creation through innovation arm.

Oxford University has announced that it is now supporting the creation of social enterprises by its academics through its innovation arm Oxford University Innovation (OUI).

Until now, OUI has supported the creation of regular start-up businesses created by the student body, and ventures based on intellectual property from the University supported by OUI, known as spinouts.

Academics will now be able to receive support for creating businesses around ideas that may not be inherently patentable and will have the option of creating spinout companies focused on impact.

OUI has already begun creating social enterprises, the first of which will be announced in the coming weeks. Prior to launch, OUI built up a pipeline of over 25 social enterprises. To meet demand for the service, OUI has created a group led by Dr Mark Mann, Innovation Lead for Humanities and Social Sciences. Examples of some of the projects OUI will support include secure, cashless homeless donations app Greater Change and mobile and VR-based lifesaving emergency instruction platform LIFE.

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