Tsegga Medhin Seyoum

Unlocking the pearl inside.

Tsegga Medhin Seyoum is passionate about empowering girls through science and technology. She talks with Yee-Liu Williams.

Tsegga Medhin Seyoum places a pair of pearl earrings in the palm of my hand. ‘Being valuable is one of the most important elements in humanity,’ she says. Like a pearl ‘we all go through the various impurities in life’ and at some point ‘emerge transformed and valuable’.

Tsegga is the founder of the Pearl Leadership Institute (TPLI), based in North Carolina, which educates and mentors girls in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) careers. ‘When girls can serve themselves better, they can better serve their communities.’ Each year, the institute sponsors three summer camps for 60 girls from marginalised communities. She comments: ‘We value science, because that is where the living wages are.’

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