Montgomery Street Lane

Hub for social enterprises launched in Edinburgh in groundbreaking move.

Montgomery Street Lane will bring together four leading support agencies to host social enterprises and charities.

A new hub for social entrepreneurs, start-ups charities and SMEs launches in Edinburgh.

The Montgomery Street Lane venture, based in the capital, is a collaboration between four of the country’s leading support agencies, Firstport, Challenges Group, Project Scotland and Volunteering Matters.

The aim is for Montgomery Street Lane to provide a “one-stop shop” for ambitious social businesses and charities while also acting as a focal point for impact investors targeting enterprises that are addressing social challenges.

The vision for Montgomery Street Lane is a bold one,” said Josiah Lockhart, Firstport’s chief executive.

We’re building an enterprise support network for social entrepreneurs and impact investors, for start-ups and SMEs looking to grow, expand and export. We’re focused on making it a place of optimism, opportunity and outcomes.

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