Seagulls Life House

Seagulls Life House; Making your house a home.

Providing meaningful experiences for Care Leavers to learn how to decorate their homes and give them a sense of achievement and ownership. Seagulls Life House will bring pop up pods for people to learn the skills to make their house a home.

For most of us, when we decide to decorate our home we know how to go about it; a trip to the local paint store to choose paint (the type and colour), the materials needed to prepare the room and then having the confidence to put it on the wall. But there’s lots of people who just don’t know where to start and lack the confidence, skills and guidance to give it a go. Enter Seagulls Life House to demystify the process and help people make their house a home.

To understand Seagulls Life House it’s important to know a bit about us as Seagulls is a unique and special place!

Seagulls was established by the Co- Founders (me- Cat and Kate) around Kate’s kitchen table. We bonded over our passion for the environment and social justice. We wanted to create volunteering, training and job opportunities for ourselves and others. We formed a Social Enterprise and as the saying goes from little acorns mighty oaks grow.

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