Odyssey Stories

Tube station exhibition shares local stories and gets people chatting.

A South London tube station is hosting a pioneering exhibition that tells the stories of local people through the work of talented designers and illustrators.

Taking place at Oval Tube station, the exhibition aims to prompt conversations and new connections, and spark curiosity about the stories of those we live alongside.

ā€œWe hope that the illustrations, quotes and stories will encourage local people to talk with one another and find out how much we all shareā€ said Alice Sachrajda, co-director of Odyssey Stories.

Odyssey Stories has been working in Oval over the past year to connect with local people and listen to their stories. The storytellers range in age from 19 to 102, come from different parts of the world and have many different life experiences. They all share a sense of belonging to Oval and their identities overlap in surprising and interesting ways.

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