The dynamic social enterprise start-up combating food insecurity one cookie at a time.

Kuda Biza knows about the catastrophic consequences of hunger. Growing up in Harare, Zimbabwe, he lived through the 1992 drought that left millions without food and killed several of his friends and neighbours.

In the worst affected areas, people would go for three or four days without food; if relief didn’t arrive in time, death was inevitable,” says Biza, whose father was part of the food relief efforts during that period. “For me, hunger is personal.

So years later, when Biza had the chance to co-found a cookie company to combat hunger, he didn’t hesitate quitting a lucrative corporate job to join serial food-startup entrepreneur Bryan Janeczko. With Nunbelievable, a non-religious brand inspired by nuns, the duo are attacking hunger one cookie at a time.

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