Fairer future

Investing in a fairer future for cocoa farmers.

How ethical investment in fair and sustainable farming is revolutionising the global chocolate industry.

We consume more chocolate in the UK than anywhere else in the world, with the average brit enjoying the equivalent of 11kg of chocolate per week. But did you know that over two-thirds of chocolate consumed includes beans from West Africa, and the farmers who produce the raw material remain at the mercy of an industry that has an eye on price, and is a slave to margin?

Cocoa prices have slumped by 30 per cent to hit a 10-year low, leaving many farmers existing on far less than the living wage. With farmers facing another year of hardship, earlier this year government bodies in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana threatened to stop their cocoa supply should they not meet a minimum price of over $2,600 US per tonne. Although the two governments receive a fixed price premium of $400 above the predetermined Cocoa Futures contract price, the situation remains unstable as this price fluctuates daily.

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