Trees for Cities

How an urban forest is helping Edinburgh breathe.

Urban forests from Trees for Cities are breathing new life into impoverished areas.

Standing on top of the hill, wind blowing and cold lapping my face, it is exciting to think that this spot would soon be home to 7,000 new trees, if a little tricky to picture.

We’re in Craigmillar, Edinburgh, to plant the first shoots of a new woodland with our funding partner here, the People’s Postcode Lottery. We help unload the trees, some tiny and twig-like, others thorny whips and saplings, dodging the dug-out holes as the volunteers walk towards us: an eclectic mix: staff from People’s Postcode Lottery in their bright red hoodies, and a group of five women, residents and staff at The Thistle, local housing for people with long-term health conditions. Their grins stretch from ear to ear, gleaming against the pallid spring sky.

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