Bake Off!

The Greatest British Bake Off: Social enterprises dishing up food for good

The Great British Bake Off has made a welcome return – and across the country social enterprises are creating good food that serves good causes.

It’s been a tense 12 months since The Great British Bake Off ended its tenure on the BBC. Due to an absence of royal events (weddings, babies, jubilees etc.) and Big Ben losing its chimes for the foreseeable future, the nation has been struggling to find something to make us feel truly, discernibly British.

So welcome back GBBO! It may have migrated to Channel 4 but the ingredients are all present and correct. While TV’s Bake Off may be great, here are some really great ways people are using food for good. Across the country, social enterprises are rising up to the challenge, whipping up creative ways to use baking to do good. This is as guilt-free a way to stuff your face as is possible…

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