Migrateful – Empowering and celebrating refugees and food.

The charity Migrateful was set up two years ago to help refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants in the UK teach cooking classes in a bid to help them on their journey to integration. It currently operates in London and Kent and is about to launch in Bristol.

Anyone who is a passionate home cook can be trained up to be a professional cookery teacher,” says Jess Thompson, founder of Migrateful.

The training program at the Migrateful organisation lasts 12 weeks and covers storytelling as well as cooking skills. The program, says Thompson, “is designed to build refugee, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants’ confidence so that they can share stories, about the food, about the ingredients, about their lives.” At Migrateful, trainee cooks are helped with their ‘script’ and are familiarised with the idea of becoming a “performer and a leader.”

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