The lockdown librarians

Meet the librarians going above and beyond to get books to kids in lockdown.

In Ethiopia they go via camel. In America they go via drone. The longing for literacy is all-conquering even when libraries are closed during Covid-19.

While we wait for libraries to reopen in July across the UK, other countries have taken enterprising steps to boost literacy and give kids all-important access to books.

In Ethiopia the books go out via land. Or more specifically, camel. More than 26 million children are out of school during the Covid-19 lockdown so Save The Children’s camel library is bringing the life-nurturing power of books to 22,000 children in 33 villages.

First started in 2010, the fleet of 21 camels transport up to 200 books at a time to kids like 13-year-old Mahadiya, who says that children have been exposed to exploitation and labour since schools shut.

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