Studio 306: Recovery Through Creativity. 

Studio 306 Collective provides a creative space for people recovering from mental illness, allowing them to design hand-crafted products with the assistance of the arts and crafts practitioners at the studio.

The classes provided focus on the four main disciplines of textiles, screen-printing, ceramics and sterling silver jewellery. The products made are all sold on their Etsy site as well as at local craft fairs and markets, and the money that is raised from the sale of these products is reinvested into the collective, allowing the studio to continue running for future members.

Products from Studio 306 being sold at a local crafts fair. Photo c/o

Products from Studio 306 being sold at a local crafts fair. Photo c/o

Studio 306
allows users to become individuals and artists, rather than service users – an important step in the road of recovery. The staff members, and the classes they run, ensure that no one is forgotten – preventing the isolation that can be experienced by many with a mental illness diagnosis. Alongside the artistic skills learnt, the collective provides a community that builds self-esteem and confidence as well as inclusion and understanding, allowing users to move beyond their diagnosis. Finally, the talents that are unveiled in classes also provide hope for a brighter future, with some of those supported thinking of creating their own businesses to sell their products.

To find out more visit: or @studio306 on twitter… Don’t forget to check out their wonderful Etsy store  too!

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