How Bexhill social enterprise Strive Café is helping to make a difference by employing people with learning disabilities.

There has been significant interest and support for the mission of Strive Café from specialists in disability and the general public, as well as excellent social media reviews (100% five star to date) on the café’s staff, ambience and food.

The mission of Strive Café is to enhance the lives of individuals with disability through purposeful paid employment in a quality and good-value café for customers.

Director Mary Briggs said: “We believe that adults with learning difficulty and disability deserve the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential and lead fulfilling lives. Our café wants to accelerate the availability of paid employment for individuals with additional needs. The ‘work empowering ability’ vision benefits from current national interest and commitment to increase disability employment opportunities.

The official opening of Strive Café takes place on January 17 at 2.30pm, when the Bexhill Mayor and local MP will be attending.

A local resident is organising a fundraising Strive Shave event on Saturday February 8.

Gina Selby-Stocker and her daughter Leo, who has a disability, are calling on other people to join them to raise money for Strive Café through shaving their hair. Strive Café is based at 8 Sackville Road and is open Monday – Friday 8.30am – 3.30pm and Saturday 10am – 5pm.

The above article by Andy Hemsley first published on in Jan, 2020.