Making one small change this Christmas could make a huge impact on people around the world. All you need to do is swap your ordinary gift list for one that supports social enterprises.

And the good news is that it’s easier than it sounds because you can probably buy all the presents you were originally planning to gift while making a difference.

With over 80,000 social enterprises in the UK alone, Christmas is a great time to show your support for their hard work and commitment to change. Whether it’s buying your grandma a cosy pair of socks when you know that a social enterprise will donate another pair to a homeless charity, or if you’d rather buy your best friend sustainably sourced beauty products which employ and empower women in rural Africa, there are plenty of ways to do your bit to help.

Start by flicking through this digital gift guide from Social Enterprise UK and you may be surprised at the wide range of good quality, affordable gift options. For example, buying sports balls from Alive and Kicking helps towards generating employment in Africa, raising awareness about HIV and donating sports balls to disadvantaged children. The durable, high quality balls make a great gift, let you play your annual family game of football, and tell a great story all through one simple gesture.

Stuck in a Christmas present rut? This unique ideas are a lovely way to get some new inspiration and break out of the ordinary shower gel set from your local chemist by gifting ethically sourced luxury soap that employs, trains and supports people with disabilities from Soap & Co. There are so many options and little swaps you can choose from that really embody the message of Christmas.

If, as you should be, you are proud to be buying Christmas presents that make a huge difference to communities around the world, join in the conversation with the hashtag #PresentsWithPurpose. By sharing your commitment to social change, you could inspire your friends, family, colleagues and Secret Santa’s to do the same. Be sure to pass on the meaning behind your gift by sharing the story behind each item and truly give the gift of giving this year.

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