University of Manchester and GAFFI

Project Details

The Global Action Fund for Fungal Infections (GAFFI) is an international organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland closely linked to the University of Manchester in the UK, a worldwide leader in medical mycology. Over 300 million people are affected by serious fungal infections worldwide, of which 3,500 will die every day.

GAFFI strives to convince national and international agencies to ‘adopt’ fungal diseases, identifies gaps in diagnostics and treatments and advocates for the incorporation of key generic antifungals onto the WHO Essential Medicines List.

Goodwork has been supporting GAFFI since its inception by hosting press conferences and events, planning international campaigns and strategising media relations. Through these efforts, Goodwork has assisted GAFFI in establishing itself as the internationally recognised authority on fungal infections whose influence impacts government bodies and builds capacity on a worldwide scale, drastically reducing fungal related deaths now and in the future.