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Helping Us Imagine a World Where Single-Use Plastic Will Only be Found in Museums.

Can you imagine growing up and only knowing what single-use plastic is because you saw it at a museum? An exciting new virtual museum will help us imagine this single-use plastic-free world, which future generations will hopefully experience for real.

The Museum of Plastic 2121, a virtual museum based 100 years from now in an imagined future where things have worked out well for both the planet and humanity, has launched on Curatours.

The future can seem bleak, with lots of terrifying statistics and predictions of the future often being shared by the media. It can lead to people doubting the impact each and every one of us can actually have on the world.

The Museum of Plastic 2121 was created to show that a positive version of our future story is possible. Visitors will leave the virtual museum equipped with the tools they need to start making the changes needed for this to happen.

Combining pixels and paint, and the physical with the virtual, Cooperative Innovations worked closely in partnership with South African environmental organisation The Greenpop Foundation, and the artists’ collective Baz-Art. They worked with artists and communities to create real-world murals alongside 3D paintings for the museum.

These artworks are being brought into the space to demonstrate the amount of effort being made in the present day to educate and motivate the public to make changes in their behaviour.

Visitors to the museum can uncover the story of plastic – its history, science, industry, and impact on our environment. Other highlights at the Museum of Plastic 2121 include learning the importance of establishing a circular economy and finding out how activism and individual action happening now will lead to positive change in the future.

Museum of Plastic 2121 is supported by the British Council’s Creative Commissions programme, a series of creative commissions exploring climate change through art, science and digital technology as part of The Climate Connection global initiative.

How You Can Visit the Museum of Plastic 2121:

You can visit The Museum of Plastic 2121 through the Curatours app which is available for VR headsets and Windows PCs.

To download for Oculus Quest VR headset, please visit Oculus App Lab.

To download for other VR Headsets & Windows PC, please visit Steam.

The above article by Nisha Kotecha first published on in Nov, 2021.