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media training

In today’s fast-moving multimedia world, polishing your communication skills to create maximum media exposure for your message and public support for your cause is more important than ever before.

No matter how large or small your audience is, national, international, or local, you need to put your story across powerfully to:

  • Set the media agenda.
  • Positively promote your organisation.
  • Improve relations with your supporters and stakeholders.

Goodwork’s trainers deliver first-class “Engaging with the Media” and “Crisis Communications” courses to groups and individuals from private, public and non profit organisations to help them make the maximum impact in their relevant arenas.

Our professional training team of former Reuters, BBC TV and Radio journalists and PR specialists bring more than 30 years of industry experience to help you clearly and simply present your key messages.

Those who attend our one-day “Engaging with the Media” and Crisis Communications” courses all have one goal: to be in control of every media situation. They include:

  • Organisational leaders and their teams
  • Company Business Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • PR Spokespersons
  • Communications Professionals
  • Experts and Authors
  • Parliamentarians
  • NHS Consultant, Nursing and Organisational Staff
  • Artists

Whether you’re a CEO with a major event on the horizon, a company spokesperson, a project manager, financial expert, or fundraiser, our “learning by doing” practical workshops will equip you to deal with all challenges.

We’ll work with you to develop customised training tailored to your specific personal and organisational needs and relevant work practices so that you can be “media ready” in word, act and deed.

We’ll show you how to avoid being ambushed in media interviews, how to deflect tough, tricky questions and how to face your audience feeling confident and prepared.

engage with the media

Do you know how to pitch your story to journalists?

Do you know what a “news peg” is?

Can you write a strong, informative press release?

Can you perform on camera and on radio with clarity and poise?

How do you handle “difficult” interview questions?

Media coverage is a powerful tool for your organisation. Traditional mainstream media (TV, radio and print) and new, emerging media (social media, blogs, online communities) are crucial when you want to share you story with the widest possible audience.

Goodwork’s “Engaging with the Mediacourse shows you how to give information to journalists in a relevant and meaningful way, how to make your organisation “headline news”, how to “sell and tell” your unique story, how to make sure everything you say is new, significant, interesting and true to promote your cause.

Following our  one-day workshop, you will know how to:

  • identify your audience
  • give journalists exactly what they need
  • pitch your story effectively
  • put across compelling “key messages”
  • influence and inspire your supporters/detractors
  • run successful social media campaigns
  • build and maintain good media relations

By mastering these core skills, you’ll gain the coverage you need and deserve. You’ll benefit your organisation whilst ensuring journalists find the story they need.

crisis communications

When a crisis happens, it’s tempting to say as little as possible, to bury your head in the sand and hope it will go away. Whether it’s a major incident, or reputational damage you are facing, knowing how to communicate in a crisis is critical to protecting your good name.

When you’re under the media spotlight, you must ACT QUICKLY to get your side of the story across. Your reputation and brand is at stake, so the way you control the media agenda by managing your message is a key skill you can’t afford to be without.

Goodwork’s one-day Crisis Communications course offers you practical tips to prepare you for the unexpected emergency.

We show you:

  • How to create a crisis plan
  • How to speak to the media clearly and confidently
  • How to develop a media strategy
  • How to deal with “negative” media
  • How to take control in interviews and at news conferences
  • How to use social media to mobilise support

We provide practical experience of both on and off-camera interviews, LIVE and pre-recorded.

We run expert playback and feedback sessions and professional trainer and peer critiques of the exercises.

We offer:

  • One-day workshops for up to six people.
  • Half-day workshops for up to four people.
  • Half-day, or one-day individual coaching sessions.
  • Concessions for large groups from one organisation.

We deliver several “Engaging with the Media” and Crisis Communications courses throughout the year.

We can run your media training workshop from a state-of-the-art studio venue in central London, at our own premises in Chiswick Town Hall, or we can train you in your own workplace, using our cameras and equipment.

The training is led by Liz Havern, a TV and radio journalist, senior manager, trainer and workplace mediator. Liz has more than 30 years of broadcast and international news agency experience at the BBC and Thomson Reuters, where, as Senior Output Editor for TV she was in charge of promoting global journalistic and communications best practice.

Liz is joined by Goodwork’s Managing Director, Sean Curtis-Ward, an award-winning journalist and broadcaster. He is the former Head of TV and Radio at the Press Association, the UK’s national news agency and Foreign Editor at Worldwide Television News, now APTN. Before founding Goodwork, Sean was managing editor and co-founder of the leading PR agency TNR Communications.

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