The social enterprise harnessing the power of mobile games to help young people.

Based in Derry, Kippie works with young people to help them have a positive future by harnessing their potential and teach them programming, coding basics and how to build and sell their own computer games.

Katherine Rowlandson a partner in Kippie believes the project has huge potential.

The unemployment rate in the new Derry and Strabane super council area for September 2017 was almost twice that of the average in the North. Sixty seven per cent of young people see the future outside Northern Ireland. They do not feel listened to. We want to listen to them, work with them, and use their knowledge, skills and experiences to help other young people.”

Kippie wants to provide a space for these young people to teach them skills that benefits not only themselves but also their peers through the freely available mobile game.

Katherine added: “In its current form, while we can only physically complete so many workshops in a year and build so many games, the games themselves can of course be accessed worldwide by anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection, and as such have the power to impact on a lot of people’s lives.

We believe the next step would be to develop an online or downloadable toolkit and best practice guide, with pre-made game elements that can be easily adapted and customised, so that community groups, teachers and families with absolutely no coding knowledge can build their own games to explore and examine whichever issue they choose.

The above article by first published on in 2017.