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account manager

James hulme

James has extensive experience in the field of charity communications. His time at Goodwork is spent securing media coverage in local, regional, national and international news outlets, creating media engagement plans & social media strategies for clients.

Some of James‘s favourite projects include:

– Working with children’s education charity The Country Trust to secure coverage for their “Farm In A Box” initiative for school children. James helped secure coverage for the Country Trust on the BBC’s “Happy Heads – Make A Difference” mental health radio campaign where Country Trust’s CEO took part in a radio tour of regional BBC radio stations across the UK. 

– Working with the Global Action Fund for Fungal Infections (GAFFI) on a variety of campaigns calling for global healthcare organisations to add fungal disease medicines to the WHO’s Neglected Tropical Disease list. At the height of the pandemic, James worked to position GAFFI leadership as experts on the mysterious “black fungus” (aka mucormycosis). James’s work resulted in GAFFI’s CEO being interviewed and cited in global media outlets including Reuters, BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, iNews and more.

– With the CareTech Charitable Foundation, James worked as a ghostwriter for the charity’s leadership, writing op-ed and forward feature articles that focused on social care sector issues.  James‘s writing was featured in publications like CareTalk Magazine, Charity Times and FE News. James also led the PR initiatives for Care Home Open Week across the UK.