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Saint John of God Hospitaller Services (SJOG), a national charity supporting people with disabilities and providing care and safety to the vulnerable, has been actively matching UK hosts with Ukrainian families seeking safety through its Homes for Ukraine project run in partnership with Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN).

As spring approaches SJOG is looking to ramp up their efforts by focusing on connecting sponsors in the Home Counties with the 74 families urgently seeking safety on their waiting list.

Yevheniia Siryk, a Project Officer for SJOG Homes for Ukraine was forced to leave Ukraine in 2022. She says:

“I feel safe here, away from the sounds of sirens, curfew and living in constant fear of shelling. The scheme has given me time to find my feet and build a new life in the UK. I’ve been helping others through SJOG since their programme launched.

At SJOG, we’ve seen enormous generosity amongst all our hosts in the UK. Early on there was steady interest, but now a year later people may not realise there are still hundreds of families in frontline territories, territories with active shelling and people facing homelessness in the UK. We get new requests every day from people looking for safety.

We know the war can feel overwhelming, so it’s important for people to know that there is something we can do here, and SJOG is here to help make that happen. Since I have been in the UK, I have found a job and moved out of my host’s place. I am incredibly grateful for all her help and support.”

When the UK government announced the Homes for Ukraine scheme in March of 2022, more than 100,000 British families eagerly opened their homes.


Irmgard Berry, a British host who signed up as a sponsor with SJOG, says:

Once here, my guest settled in very well and it is a pleasure to share my house with her, spend time talking and exploring England together.  Throughout the whole process, SJOG has offered wonderful support and guidance, especially the very useful booklet for sponsors and arranging for my local council to visit me before and after my guest’s arrival. My guest is a delight to share my home with.  I am very happy to share the shopping and my kitchen with her and we take turns making evening meals for each other.


SJOG’s goal is to support the 74 families urgently in need of safety, and the more than 540 additional applications for sponsorship. SJOG, in partnership with CSAN, offers a matching pathway, training and support for both hosts and their Ukrainian guests.

So far, the team has seen success across the UK with matches from Northern Ireland to Wales, and all over England. Their matching service ensures that hosts are supported with mediated e-meetings early on so both guests and hosts feel comfortable, training provided about the logistics of the hosting process and a multi-lingual team ready to help with any communication barriers.


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