For more than six years, we’ve been working to make the important interesting. Over those years we’ve supported hundreds of projects, ensuring the hard work of dedicated people is seen and understood. With Impact Relations we want to take this idea of PR for good even further.

“Impact Relations is a discipline of communications that influences positive social and environmental impact. No spin. Just authentic and strategic communications.

Stories have the power to wake people up and serve as a catalyst for systemic change. Our mission is to leverage those stories to inspire collective impact.”

In June we joined this network of international communications leaders who embrace simple and transparent PR practices. It was founded by Yulu, a public relations firm based in Canada and the US that is a certified B Corp PR firm; this means they follow the highest standards of social and environmental performance to balance profit and purpose.

We want to work together to amplify the voices and ideas of the charities and social enterprises that we’re all supporting. We believe impact of these organisations deserves not only to be appreciated internationally, but to have opportunity to share with a wider audience so anyone can learn and benefit from their mission. We’re excited for what this network can accomplish!