Will You Play Football For Food?

This is the question that Footy for Food will be asking people across the country in the next couple of months as they take their charity football matches to city centres around the country, encouraging local people to come and have a kick about in return for food donations to local foodbanks.

Image first published on footyforfood.com

Image first published on footyforfood.com









Footy for Food offers something new to the headlines we hear daily about the soaring use of foodbanks in the UK; they take it from a far away problem to something everyone can engage in to bring about change. The idea was born out of sports fans trying to channel their passion into action, the resulting energy was so infectious that they saw an opportunity to create real social change.

Image first published on footyforfood.com

Image first published on footyforfood.com

The volunteer lead organisation is brimming with ideas, running brilliant social media campaigns, armed with dedicated volunteers and expanding rapidly across the world, uniting and huge world passion with an equally huge world problem.

But this is social change for the twitter generation not content with simply chucking a couple of tins in a box at the supermarket. Footy for Food believe that a generation hungry for change, collaborating with an engaged corporate community and the worlds favourite sport, provide the perfect combination for effective, fun campaigning and fundraising locally.
This year they are taking Footy for Food on the road, shutting down city centres across the country with huge games of football. The ten day ten city tour aims to bring people together playing the sport they love and raising awareness for local foodbanks, hoping to increase donations long after the game ends.

The tour kicks off in Belfast on 5th of June. All players need to bring is their kit and of course a food donation for a local foodbank to join in. It will then set off around the country seeking to capitalise on the excitement and anticipation for the upcoming world cup for a really good cause, and of course for a really good game of footy.

So ask yourself… will you play football for food?

If the answer is YES, check out when the team are coming to your city: http://www.footyforfood.com/the-tour/

For more info on what’s going on and to pledge your commitment to play Footy For Food check out the website or give these guys a follow on twitter.

The above article by Sarah Campbell first published on goodnewsshared.com Feb, 2015.