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Country Trust


March 2021


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Media Relations


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Challenge & Solution

We were tasked with helping children’s education charity Country Trust publicise their “Farm In A Box” programme.

Country Trust works to bring food, farming and the countryside alive for disadvantaged children by sharing knowledge and igniting curiosity beyond their current environments. COVID restrictions meant the charity had to pivot its service delivery– whilst children couldn’t go to farms, the Country Trust could bring farms to schools, and thus “Farm In A Box” was born. The boxes are themed according to local farms and include fruit, vegetables, seeds and other assortments of farm products to learn about. Farmers engage with students through a pre-recorded video and virtual Q&A.

As a result of our media engagement for this new programme, the Country Trust took part in the BBC’s Happy Head’s Make A Difference campaign, an initiative that works to promote volunteering and highlights the work of charities via regional BBC Radio stations.

Our work resulted in a successful regional radio tour for the Country Trust where they were able to promote “Farm In A Box” to a vast audience and secure more local school partnerships.

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