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The social enterprise with the goal of delivering Black history across the UK.

Founded in 2019 to address the lack of Black history in British schools, The Black Curriculum is a social enterprise with the goal of delivering Black history across the UK, ensuring students become fully-rounded citizens of a globalised world.

From training, assemblies and school programmes to guest speaking and curriculum consultation and audits, The Black Curriculum offer a range of services to schools, companies and non-profit organisations which focus on Black history.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Black Curriculum is prioritising delivering its services virtually but are happy to provide socially distanced services for companies in London where in-person communication is important.

In the Macpherson Report published 20 years ago, it was showed that cultural diversity within the curriculum is one of the ways to prevent racism and that’s why organisations such as The Black Curriculum are essential in the global fight against racism – which was highlighted in the Black Lives Matter protests which took place all over the world during summer.

Currently, the national curriculum and exam board specifications are limited in providing Black British history,” a statement on The Black Curriculum website reads. “Furthermore, Black history is not mandatory in schools which follow their own curriculum.

Without the resources, time and understanding, we are still going to face the same problems of historical inaccuracies, bias and a lack of enthusiasm in teaching and delivery. In the same manner, we can not simply rely on parents and carers to provide this material to young people.

Black British history is not merely a theme for October, but started hundreds of years before Windrush and pre-dates European colonial enslavement. Our work aims to address and overcome these limitations by seeking to provide a contextual, globalised history that roots the Black British experience in histories of movement and migration – 365 days a year.”

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The above article by Courtney Wynter first published on in Dec, 2020.