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Engage with the Media

Do you know how to pitch your story to the media?

Do you know what a “news peg” is?

Can you write a strong, informative press release?

MediaStudio 2 coverage can be a very powerful tool for your organisation. Journalists are always busy and you need to be able to compete effectively for their time and attention.

Traditional, mainstream media (TV, radio, print) and new and emerging media (social media, blogs, online communities) are all important when you want to share your story to the widest possible audience. It’s not enough to send out the odd press release: you need to make time and take trouble to establish good relations with journalists.

You must know how to give reporters information in a way that is valuable and meaningful to them. You also need to know how and when to communicate your messages and stories to them, when they’ve shown interest and come knocking at your door.

Learn how to make your organisation headline news; how to showcase interesting facts; how to “sell and tell” your story in a compelling way; how to make sure it’s new, significant, interesting, true and human to promote your cause to your audience.

Goodwork’s “Engage With The Media” workshop shows you how to campaign effectively by mastering these core media communications skills:

  • Identifying your audience.
  • Giving journalists the information they need.
  • Pitching your story – “selling and telling”.
  • Making your organisation “headline news”
  • Putting across your compelling key messages.
  • Influencing and inspiring your supporters.
  • Campaigning and messaging via Social Media.
  • Building and keeping good media relations.
  • Gaining the coverage you want – and deserve.

We’ll reveal how you can promote your organisation whilst ensuring journalists find their story they need.Studio 5

The course is led by two experienced journalists, both of whom have spent more than 30 years working in TV, radio and PR. It’s relevant to anyone working in charities, non-profit organisations or companies in the private or public sectors who are required to regularly engage with the media.

“Engage With The Media”  – a one-day training course. We run several of these courses throughout the year.

For further details about course content, or to enrol, please contact Liz Havern, Head of Training at Goodwork at: liz.h@thisisgoodwork.org or phone our office on 020 8747 1488.


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